December 27, 2010

Global warming explanations made up as they go along

FROM-OC Register

by Mark Landsbaum

You may have heard the fascinating explanation for the cold weather sweeping the globe. Yeah, some say that global warming is making the earth cold. There’s, of course, better explanations, but don’t expect to hear them from the global warming alarmists.

We’ll provide some comments on this canard for you on the warmists’ inability to have predicted, let alone explain, the cold snap, though:

“You can make up any analogy you want, but the fact is that computer models don’t show that change,” Pat Michaels, a climatologist and senior fellow at the Cato Institute told The Daily Caller. It is, said Michaels, the “core problem of climatology:” “It is attempting to explain everything even when everything becomes contradictory.”

And this:

“They make this stuff up as they go along,” said Myron Ebell, director of the Center of Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

And this:

“This failure to skillfully predict any of the extreme weather patterns we have seen in the past should be a wake-up call to policymakers and the public that the climate science community is overselling the prediction skill that is possible,"

writes Roger Pielke Sr. “Unfortunately, they also continue to miss the significance that it is the regional circulations that matter much more, not a global average anomaly, as I discussed on my post:

An Example of Why Regional Weather Patterns Are More Important Than A Global-Average Temperature Anomaly

“… Moreover, until and unless they can skillfully predict observationally documented CHANGES in the statistics (probabilities) of the different major circulation patterns, their explanations are necessarily flawed. There is no evidence that the global climate model multi-decadal predictions (and even shorter term runs on a year or less into the future) have the needed skill.”

But what the heck, why not implement a bunch of costly rules and regulations and taxes and penalties to curb greenhouse gas emissions by microscopic margins even though they probably have nothing to do with temperature increases and even if temperature increases aren’t threatening?

What’s the worst that can happen? Wreck the economy?

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