November 19, 2010


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak


A climate skeptic speaks out

I would have thought that Outlook's editors would have avoided using the divisive term "deniers" in the headline of Meg Bostrom's Nov. 21 commentary, "A climate plan for climate-change deniers."

"Deniers" is a derogatory label used by the "settled science" community of alarmists who oversold and sensationalized the impending doom and lost a lot of us in the fury. That group brought us the evolving "global warming," or renamed "climate change," or newly renamed "climate disruption," as a fact. The group also insisted that the warming, change or disruption is caused by humans.

I would venture to say that most skeptics, or even deniers, believe that the planet is evolving, like it has many times before; the debate is whether the warming, change or disruption is strictly caused by humans. I remain skeptical and stay away from both deniers and doomsayers alike. Does that make me a conservative?

John Donohoe, Woodbridge

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