January 28, 2010


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Global warming takes leaf out of Trojan horse

A specter is haunting the world. It's the specter of global warming. Throughout the ages man has feared the end and to that end I am looking forward to 2012.

Not only will Barack Obama be re-elected, but the world will experience a complete warming meltdown.

Instead of Joseph McCarthy launching the war against communists, Al Gore has launched a war against "evil" capitalists, as a humbling heroic gesture to save the world.

Is the specter real? Will the oceans rise because of trays and will trees go into non-existence because of Capital students printing out power points for class?

A New York Times story published Nov. 20, 2009 reported on hacked e-mails from a British university between pro-global warming scientists. Several scientists discussed the lack of evidence of current warming and the use of "tricks" to hide the decline of global warming.

As people continue to buy into the myth of our century, I can't help to think of the superstitious Trojans who brought in the Trojan horse. It was a brilliant ploy of deception by the Greeks to get into the walls of Troy and conquer it.

In the era of our superstition towards the "conclusive science" one cannot help but be amazed at the parallel of international attempts to regulate and tax developed nations.

What is more horrifying is the notion that developed nations such as the United States are buying into the "do-gooder" superstition and going against their own self-interest. They do this by supporting cap and trade policies that will benefit a select few corporations that get contracts at the expense of other corporations getting regulated out of business.

While the liberal elite in the form of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. may label those who are skeptical of global warming guilty of "treason," I would hope that people re-evaluate the Global Warming scare.

Since when has science been completely conclusive on the weather? Climatologists use probability as a means to predict rain for a five-day forecast.

The clear fact about global warming is that it's a political ploy to impede on the freedoms of citizens by means of expanding governmental regulation over their lives.

The creators of the ploy seek to place what amounts to an international tax for cap and trade against those "evil" developed nations of the west.

Those on the far-left have returned their communist manifestos to Barnes & Noble in exchange for the elite Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth". This is not change we can believe in.

By Gabe Koshinsky


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