January 22, 2010


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM-Madison Couny Eagle

Left full of baloney on warming

Letter to the editor


There’s an article in January issue of The Virginia Cattlemen that describes the disinformation put out the United Nations, falsely blaming cattle for major greenhouse gas emissions. The U.N., a corrupt political body, used doctored data to produce their figures. This has been standard operating procedure for the U.N., which has been funding much of the so-called scientific consensus that served as a mechanism to extort money from the U.S. and other nations. Greed and the politics of people who want to control society, and your life, have manipulated scientific discovery.

The left has based their scare tactics on an increase in carbon dioxide, which they claim is a significant greenhouse gas, causing global warming. Baloney! Carbon dioxide, or CO2, occurs naturally.

Neither CO2, nor fossil fuels pose a threat to planet earth. The real threat to humanity is from the scare-mongers who have caused a food crisis and increased energy costs.

Former vice president, Oscar and Nobel Prize winner Al Gore is the exalted leader of the Global Warming/Change movement. As a Harvard undergrad, Gore got a D and a C in the only two science courses he took. He actually flunked the science part of his college entrance exams, according to the Washington Post.

But that’s not to say that Gore is stupid. No, he has parlayed the whole Global Warming/Change scam into a flood of cash. Gore is close to making a $1 billion off this rip-off. No wonder this charlatan refuses to debate.

There hasn’t been any warming in 12 years. Scientists are now saying that the earth shows signs of cooling for the next 20 to 30 years. One eminent scientist recently attributed this cooling to the lack of sunspots, volcanic activity and the winds – not human activity.

People are catching on to this international fraud, despite the collaboration of the state-run mainstream media. Oh, the left will continue to trot out their discredited Global Warming/Change talking points but there is no need to buy the snake oil they are selling. There is a growing consensus on that point.
Anyway, the left’s next big scare is already here—water.

Martha Dudley


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