January 12, 2010


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM- The Sentinal UK

Cold snap has frozen global warming debate

GLOBAL COOLING: Isn't it nice the sound of silence from the global warming fraternity? Since the cold snap there has not been one peep out of them. It's these people that you can blame for the chaos that is happening in our country, they have whispered not too silently that the earth is facing a catastrophe on a grand scale. These merchants of doom have whispered in the ears of all governments world-wide, non more so than our own Government. Our Government for its part has had only ears for the these prophets of doom throwing out any other possible idea of climate change. This is why we now see our roads impassable, our councils running out of grit and our gas companies running out of gas. It's warming, what do we need the grit for, we won't have temperatures that will be dropping to -22°C in some places they cried, how foolish these people must look.
I heard one leading councillor from Harrow say it was not their fault that they have no grit, they ordered it at the beginning of December. Well dear lady councillor it was your fault, you could have ordered the grit in the summer and then you would have had enough to keep your roads open, but then – like all the other government – people you had only ears for was the global warming fraternity.
We have seen this cold before, it's called nature, we have seen our planet warm as well, and that is also called nature. Some of the world's leading climate change scientists who have been working on this for the past thirty years are now saying that we are in fact going through a mini ice age. They also refute the data that says that the warming of our planet is man made, they say that research has shown that it's the ocean cycles that in the past few years were in a warmth mode is the reason that the polar ice was melting. They say now that the sea is now in its cold mode.
The data for this research can be found in the Colorado snow and ice Data research station. One of the scientists Professor Latif is a leading member of UN international panel of climate change. Not one government has taken any notice of the irrefutable evidence from these scientists.
It is so trendy to take the word of these so called global warming experts, but I would remind people the definition of an expert is, an ex is a has been, and a spurt is a drip under pressure. We ignore people like Latif at our peril.


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