January 6, 2010


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak


Global warming yes, but not necessarily caused by humans

To the editor:

Re: We must work to get it right on climate change, Greg Evans letter, Dec. 29.

I was encouraged to see a calm letter from Greg Evans promoting the global warming theory but have to disagree with one of his statements.

As an old recyler and alternative energy student of the 1970s I am old enough to remember being warned at that time by the same "Canadian and international scientists and engineers" of an impending ice age.

This caused serious talk around the water coolers of the day about whether Toronto's Victorian infrastructure would be able to withstand Arctic temperatures. Images were conjured up of massive watermain bursts and Torontonians gathering around woodstoves as electricity supplies dwindled and other drastic situations occurred.

Forgive me for being a bit cynical if 30 years later we are now being warned by the same "experts" of the opposite about to happen, i.e, drastic problems due to human-caused climate warming.

I can go along with Mr. Evans's statement that "the science literature strongly affirms the global climate is changing" but cannot accept the following part of the paragraph, "that humanity's influence is the most credible explanation."

There is no doubt in my mind global warming is occurring but there seems to be enough evidence that it is occurring with or without exacerbation by humankind. Or in other words, yes it's happening but not primarily caused by us, even if we are making it worse. So, yes we do need to clean up our act but not at the risk of seriously harming various economies of the world and putting the welfare of millions of people at stake because there is strong reason to believe that global warming would continue to occur if we closed down every single factory on the planet.

David R. Filbey-Haywood



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