January 2, 2010


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak


Dear former Vice President Al Gore:
Merry Christmas. Where is the global warming? We are freezing here in the Panhandle. The polar ice caps may be melting, but I want to assure you they are alive and well here in the Texas Panhandle! Good news, we bought some carbon credits by unplugging our two refrigerators and moving their contents outside until the spring thaw comes, if it ever does. That will ease pressure on electricity needs and the burning of coal to generate it.

Bad environmental news. We had beef for Christmas dinner. It was really delicious. I realize that cattle are responsible for producing huge amounts of methane gas that contributes to climate warming, but the cattle industry provides jobs for countless people here in the Panhandle. Environmentally, that could be bad because it means more beef production accompanied by more methane.

It has been cold here in Texas. They got a pile of snow earlier in December in Houston and had to close school. Your environmentalist-secular friends will be pleased to note that Christmas Eve services were canceled in many places from Lubbock to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

That is good news because fewer cars were belching greenhouse gasses.

Have a great, green, New Year. I like it about 80 degrees.

Wink Clark



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