January 2, 2010


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM-Cape Cod Times

Does December weather look like global warming?

It was with disbelief that I read your Dec. 26 editorial on climate change. How interesting that you called it climate change instead of the tired "global warming," which has been used to describe something that hasn't happened since 1998.

We have been cooling in small increments since 1998 and will continue to do so for probably the next 30 years, according to long-range forecaster Joe Bastardi of

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to appreciate that Dallas just had its first white Christmas in 80 years. And certainly, lots of other cities up and down the East Coast will remember this December, also.

The absurdity of suggesting that the United States give monies to developing countries while we're on the verge of bankruptcy is just plain insanity. It's a communist/socialist idea that has never worked, and never will.History tells us that Leif Ericson found Greenland in 1005. He not only found it green but found grapes there. Obviously, this was long before the Industrial Revolution. Since man didn't cause it ... maybe a power far greater?

"We don't control what we didn't create" should be a quote for us all to remember.

Richard Copley

West Yarmouth


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