January 29, 2010


by John P. Costella
August 25, 2005: email 1124994521

Mike Mann writes to Christoph Kull, Phil Jones, Heinz Wanner, and others:

In our discussion of possible participants in Bern, I think (someone correct me if I’m wrong) we concluded that the last two on the list (with question marks) would be unwise choices because they are likely to cause conflict than to contribute to consensus and progress.

Phil Jones to Christoph Kull:

I agree with Mike that the last two names on the list should be removed.

Debate and disagreement is crucial to the healthy functioning of science. Weeding out those who may prevent a predetermined “consensus” is abhorrent.

August 26, 2005: email 1125067952

Heinz Wanner to Christoph Kull:

Concerning the participants:

- If Phil and Mike do not support von Storch it does not make sense to invite him (or Eduardo Zorita?).
Mike Mann concurs:
I’m afraid I don’t agree on Zorita. He has engaged in some very nasty, and in my opinion unprofessional email exchanges with some close colleagues of mine who have established some fundamental undisclosed errors in work he co-published with von Storch. Given this, I don’t believe he can be involved in constructive dialogue of the sort we’re looking for at this workshop.
Again, a “constructive” dialog appears to be one that leads to their predetermined “consensus”.
He continues:
There are some similarly problematic issues with Cubasch, who, like von Storch, … has engaged in inflammatory and personal public commentary. There is no room for that on any side of the debate.
If the Germans need to be represented here, I would suggest instead someone from the Potsdam group, such as Eva Bauer …

Our attention is here drawn to an undercurrent in this entire saga: the need to give the perception of international agreement—which translates into the notion of the need for a “quota” of representation from the key countries involved, rather than true international debate


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