January 24, 2010


by John P. Costella

July 29, 1999: email 0933255789

The World Wildlife Fund’s Adam Markham writes to University of East Anglia climate scientists Mike Hulme and Nicola Sheard, about a paper that Hulme and Sheard had written about climate change in Australia:

Hi Mike,
I’m sure you will get some comments direct from Mike Rae in World Wildlife Fund Australia, but I wanted to pass on the gist of what they’ve said to me so far.

They are worried that this may present a slightly more conservative approach to the risks than they are hearing from Australian scientists. In particular, they would like to see the section on variability and extreme events beefed up if possible. …

I guess the bottom line is that if they are going to go with a big public splash on this they need something that will get good support from Australian scientists (who will certainly be asked to comment by the press).

Climategate takes on a new dimension with this revelation: political activists from an environmental lobby group are telling East Anglia climate scientists to rewrite sections of their paper, as it is less alarming than the message that Australian scientists have already presented for public consumption!

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  1. Costella's analysis is absolutely worth the read. He does an excellent, if not miraculous, job of filling in the blanks such as acronyms, participants, initials, ramifications of email comments.

    I consider this a must read for anyone who wants to get to the bottom of emails. Once a person reads it they will see just how underhanded the "scientists" are and how easily they manipulate the press.

    Truly amazing.