January 28, 2010

Elitist scientific media meets real world genius

I find this excerpt from the New Scientist article telling. A journalist is taken aback that a man of tremendous intelligence isn't buying into this journalist obvious faith in anthropogenic global warming. I often wonder what the exchanges must be like between Rutan and Richard Branson on the subject since they work so closely on projects but are diametrically opposed on the issue. If there is a heirarchy of the AGW movement Branson would be near the top whereas Rutan is a passionate skeptic.

Excerpts from "Burt Rutan: The maverick of Mojave"

I whip out my list of questions, but before I get to the first, Rutan blindsides me. "Which magazine are you from again?" I tell him. "OK, well, I won't talk to Scientific American," he says, "They improperly covered man-made global warming. They drink Kool-Aid instead of doing research. They parrot stuff from the IPCC and Al Gore." I'm taken aback but curiosity gets the better of me so I ask him what he means. For the next 30 minutes he launches into an impassioned diatribe. He believes claims of catastrophic global warming are nothing but scare-mongering and are a product of "the greatest scientific fraud ever". At first I think this is some sort of joke but he's totally serious and at times gets quite angry.

And yet, if you didn't know his views, you'd think Rutan was an arch environmentalist. In 1989 his house featured in Popular Science magazine, billed as the ultimate energy-efficient dwelling, and for years he drove an electric car. "People thought I was a liberal and a tree-hugger, but I'm not. It's not because I have any concern about saving the planet, or peak oil. It's about neat technology."...

...Over the next few days Rutan sends me numerous emails supporting his argument about a climate change conspiracy. I am far from convinced, but find myself thinking there's something beguiling about such passionate persistence - perhaps this is exactly what makes him such a maverick genius.


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