December 17, 2009

Russians yell foul on Climategate

FROM-Washington Examiner

By: Barbara Hollingsworth

Another blow for global warming alarmists shivering at the Copenhagen climate conference: The Moscow-based Institute of Economic Analysis (IEA) claims that Britain’s (formerly) prestigious Hadley Center for Climate Change tampered with Russian climate data.

IEA claims that only 25 percent of Russia’s weather stations – and only the ones near highly populated areas that appeared to substantiate the center’s theory of man-made global warming - were included in Hadley’s results. Significantly, IEA charges that the center ignored temperature reports from over 40 percent of Russian territory, including Siberia, which have not shown any substantial warming over the past few decades.

Because Russia makes up 12.5 percent of the Earth’s entire land mass, IEA says that because of this error, all of the U.N.’s global temperature findings must now be recalculated. Preferably before any international agreement is made based on bogus claims.

Footnote: A March 2004 email from then-Climate Research Unit director Phil Jones to Penn State’s Michael Mann released by an unknown hacker at East Anglia University shows that Jones knew about the problem with the Russian data five years ago and tried to suppress it:

“Recently rejected two papers (one for JGR and for GRL) from people saying CRU has it wrong over Siberia. Went to town in both reviews, hopefully successfully. If either appears I will be very surprised, but you never know with GRL.”

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