December 26, 2009


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VIEWPOINTS: Capping wine making is next global warming step

FROM-Panama City News Herald

Many days when my chores are done I sit out on the porch and watch the birds at their feeder and occasionally have a glass of my favorite wine. Sometimes I thumb through my encyclopedia of useless knowledge. (I also have a dictionary of useless knowledge in case I run into some difficult words.)

Recently I was astonished to find an informative article on wines and wine making. It seems that wine has been around for about 4,500 years. Most wines today come from one species of grape and some 4,000 variations of it. Some, but not too many, are made from such things as fruits, melons and dandelions.

To my horror, the article stated that all grape wines are made from carbon dioxide. The plants breathe in CO2, the grape forms because of that and then is crushed, stomped or otherwise pulverized and caused to ferment. Then out comes the wine. Wow!

The thing that scares me about this is the fact that the fermentation process also produces more CO2. Big bad word, that CO2.

I fear that Mr. Gore and some of his fellow anti-CO2 followers might find out about this and run over to the United Nations and have it put a cap on wine making and start a panic that could stretch from Skid Row to all the fine restaurants, homes and bars in the world. Perish the thought! Just think, it might be true that some good come about because of CO2.




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