August 15, 2009


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM-The Forum Fargo-Moorehead

Global warming scare is a fraud

By: Philip Gray, Fargo

I know two doctors who teach biochemistry in Division I schools. I have known these people for many years. We have discussed the global cooling debate to a conclusion.

The people who do believe in global warming are uneducated in chemistry, physics and biology, just to start. Global warming is the greatest lie in our generation. We have many scientists who will tell you the truth if asked. The biochem professors that I have spoken to are currently running seven studies ranging in the millions of dollars in grants. Four of the studies are concluding with completely opposite results that the media and environmentalists wanted to see. The professors were told in no uncertain terms that if they wanted to see the same portion of grant money in the future, they will “adjust” their studies to reflect scientific trend.

These professors told me in no uncertain terms to not refer to them in name for this piece. These “adjusted studies” have been going on like this for decades.

Global cooling is an endromatic reaction to the earth’s core cooling over the past 3 billion to 4 billion years. Applying this to physics, matter has to dissipate energy produced in any form, even in cooling.

Anyone with a half a brain and a kernel of honesty in chemistry or other science will tell you that the No. 1 factor that affects our world, including global cooling, is solar activity. If they say otherwise, they are lying in the purest form. Human impact activity is a small percentage in the cause and effect.

I understand why people cannot shout “fire” in a theater, yet can scream such lies regarding global warming and not be confronted with scientific truths. The economic impact will be seen in varying degrees, especially in the agricultural community.


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