July 21, 2009

They haven't earned their allowance

FROM-Washington Examiner

U.S. should not help finance U.N. climate change studies, congressman says

U.S. funding of the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) should be discontinued as a growing number of scientists around the world express doubts that global warming is caused by human activities, according to Rep. Bret Luetkeymeyer (R-Mo.).

The Missouri Republican introduced legislation to end IPCC funding because he believes the UN agency is corrupt. The bill would save U.S. taxpayers more than $12 million annually and stop IPCC from perpetuating questionable scientific claims and policy recommendations, he said.

More than 700 scientists have signed a Senate Minority Report circulated by Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) that critiques the IPPC’s work. The IPCC latest report was signed by 52 scientists.

“We all know the U.N. is incompetent when it comes to spending money, and that is why American taxpayers should be forking over millions more to one of its organizations that not only is in need of significant reform by is enganged in dubious scientific quests,” Luetkeymeyer said.

“Folks in Missouri and across the country are tired of this never-ending government spending spree, and my goal is to deliver some of our people’s hard-earned money back into their pocketbooks instead of spending it on international junk science.”
The IPPC report was cited by advocates of the Obama-Waxman-Markey “cap and trade” anti-global warming bill that narrowly passed the House earlier this month, Luetkeymeyer said. The bill is essentially a “national energy tax” that is being driven by “junk science,” and should be vigorously opposed in the Senate, he said.
Luetkemeyer introduced his bill as an amendment to the Department of State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriations Act.


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