July 20, 2009

Take off the blinders

Roger Pielke Jr. has a post on the European version of the Cap and Trade called Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) which I have posted below. As he points out and has before many times the way the ETS and our cap and trade are constituted makes them worse than worthless or as he so precisely puts it :

"If the ETS is not driving investment in low carbon technology, then what is the point?"

It should be obvious by now that the people who advance these schemes such as Waxman-Markey are more than willing to compromise the stated goal in order to enact the schemes regardless of their effectiveness. The question isn't "what is the point" of programs like the ETS and Cap and Trade, rather what is the motive of the people who continue to promote them despite the obvious fact that they are not capable of achieving their stated goal?

If we are to be an "Honest Broker" of the facts before us there are only two possibilities. Either the politicians who will continue to promote such flawed plans are too stupid to understand that their schemes will not work, or their motives are not to control emissions but rather to control people, industries and the economy.

Given the fact that these schemes, even if they worked, are still worthless if developing countries will not limit their emissions, then again why bother? Even a stupid politician knows that India and especially China are not going to limit their emissions just because we do. So the obvious answer is that these schemes have nothing to do with curbing emissions but the political control they give the governments which promote them.

I have no great respect for politicians in general but I seriously doubt they are all that stupid. I can only surmise that the promoters of these schemes are not the least bit interested in controlling emissions but rather in controlling me...and you and Roger Pielke Jr. Whether or not he or anyone else wants to admit it, the entire emission control scheme is an exercise in political power having little to do with energy, carbon dioxide, global warming, climate change or any of the countless other Trojan horses being used to mask the truth. The truth is that it is a political power grab on a global scale which ultimately will control not only economies and industries but seriously limit personal liberties.

The sooner people take off the blinders and see the motivations of these people the sooner we can end this nonsense-or not.

FROM- Roger Pielke Jr

ETS Lost at Sea

A British NGO called Sandbag has released a quantitative analysis of the effects of the current recession on the ETS -- Europe's version of cap-and-trade, and has found the program to be seriously flawed. Sandbag claims that (here in PDF),

Targets for the Emissions Trading Scheme were already weak and have now been further undermined. . . At the moment the ETS embodies a reversal of the polluter pays principle, where instead polluters are being paid to do nothing to reduce their emissions.

Their critique rests on the fact that there are too many permits available in the European system to lead to a meaningful cap. Too many permits results from an overallocation and also surplus permits resulting from the current economic recession. Sandbag recommends that the caps be tightened and made more real. Good luck with that.

Tim Yeo, member of the UK Parliament, comments on the report's significance:

These findings confirm what many have begun to suspect. Although emissions trading remains conceptually valid, in practice the EU ETS has not succeeded in driving investment in low-carbon technology.
If the ETS is not driving investment in low carbon technology, then what is the point?


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