July 28, 2009

"a structure for dialogue"

You have to love a story like this from Reuters "U.S. and China sign memorandum on climate change". The entire story could be summed up with this one line from the State Department spokesman Ian Kelly:
"It is not an agreement per se for each side to commit themselves to some particular target. It sets a structure for dialogue,"
I guess this means they are going to bring interpreters to future meetings.

Since the most transparent administration in American history is not releasing the actual memorandum of understanding that was signed, it probably means that some stimulus money is going to find its way to Peking.

Have no fear though. Our The Nobel Prize Winning Secretary of Energy Steven Chu weighed in:

"Today's agreement ... sets the stage for what I hope will be many years of cooperation,"
I hear he is in top level secret talks to paint Tibet white....with American workers....Union only.


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