July 24, 2009


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM-St. Louis Post Dispatch

On climate change, socialist economics now trumps scientific credibility

Recent lampooning of Congressman Baline Luetkemeyer’s criticism of the global warming mantra and background as a farmer and political science graduate contrast sharply with your deafening silence when Paul Krugman’s column vilified skeptics of the so-called theory. I guess socialist economics trumps scientific credibility.

One thousand years ago the island of Greenland was named by Norse settlers because they could graze their cattle and sheep on its grassy expanse. Where was the all important ice cap then? Perhaps middle age industry produced greenhouse gases that warmed the planet. The Little Ice Age, circa 1250 AD-1850AD, certainly cooled things off. Your scientific looking chart conveniently begins in 1860. How coincidental.

Four years ago K. Emanuel published an article coupling more frequent and more violent hurricanes with global warming. This was raw meat for the environmental doomsayers. Where was the media coverage when, last year, Emanuel published another article contradicting his original paper?

Currently astronomers have advanced the cautious prediction of an approaching Maunder Minimum. This is a phenomenon (also present during the little ice age) of low sunspot activity that correlates with cooler and less violent weather. Recent global warming may be occuring. But, to automatically impute this to primarily human activity is, at best, arrogant, at worst dangerous. Al Gore and Paul Krugman, notwithstanding, scientists are far from agreement on the vagaries of climate change.

Robert S. Jones


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