July 13, 2009


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM-Baltimore Sun

Smith right to challenge global warming orthodoxy

The reader criticisms of Ron Smith's July 10 column miss the point. Smith is one of the few who has broken the politically-correct silence on the shaky foundation of climate alarmism.

Climate alarmism involves a vast array of bureaucratic and political agendas and conflicts of interest that have been pointed out repeatedly by IPCC participants and non-participants alike for years. The debate isn't over; it's increasing throughout the world. Theoretical climate models continue to conflict with actual measurements. Historical records of the Medieval Warm Period (ca 900-1400AD) -- when global warming equalled or exceeded present warming; was beneficent, not catastrophic; and was not caused by industrial CO2 emissions--continue to be ignored. Extra-terrestrial forcing mechanisms are becoming more plausable.

Before the Senate blindly passes cap-and-trade legislation like the House did (without thorough reading of the actual bill), there needs to be more open and free public discussion of the logic behind climate alarmism, not less.

Charles A. Clough

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