July 24, 2009


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FROM-Kennebec Journal

Worry about global cooling, not warming

Global warming ended three years ago. We are now entering a 27-year solar cycle of global cooling.

The temperature of the earth is determined solely by the amount of energy obtained from the sun. We just came out of Solar Cycle 23, where global warming occurred. We are entering Solar Cycle 24, where expected cooling will be much more severe than the past. The yearly average of sunspots, from 1991 through 2007, was 1,361. Through September 2008 only 56 sunspots occurred. This solar cycle will be the weakest in centuries. A similar cycle brought on the Little Ice Age.

NASA announced in September 2008 that the solar wind is the lowest in recorded history, global cooling is due to decrease in sun spot activity.

Evidence from NASA Microwave Sounding Unit and Hadley Climate Research Unit (Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii) offers irrefutable scientific evidence that the earth is now in a period of global cooling. The earth temperatures decreased 0.7 of 1 percent during the last three years. Thirty-one thousand (31,000) climate scientists according to the International Climate Conference have signed a petition rejecting global warming.

During the past winter of 2008-09, 1,500 new record low temperatures were set, along with 700 snow records; 179 glaciers around the world are advancing at record rate.

With scientific evidence being reported around the world, Congress, the news media, and the European Union are still proclaiming global warming, while, in fact, global cooling is now in effect.

Marcel LeRoi



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