July 29, 2009


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

Via Tom Nelson
FROM-Des Moines Register

Don't listen to alarm on global warming

It is interesting that we haven't heard specifics about global warming lately. This is because the last few years have been cool. The folks sounding the alarm have become expert in lying with statistics based on unscientific data. We never read articles by the few scientists not afraid of attacks by the environmental lobby. Government employees know well that their jobs are at risk if they publicly disagree with the sky-is-falling logic.

This climate-change nonsense will dwarf the ethanol boondoggle occurring in Iowa. The ethanol story is basically this: We are only about five years from making ethanol a viable product. Problem is, they have been telling the same story for over 20 years. Sounds like the global-warming stories.

The July 9 essay by Burns H. Weston and Daniel P. Schramm borders on arrogance ("Begin Writing a Better History; Approve, Pass Climate Bill"). They say there is "no doubt" world disasters will occur in less than 40 years. They go on telling us what will occur without offering any proof. If all this warming is going to occur, there must be some advantages. My propane bill has to go down a bit.

The sad thing is Al Gore and others just like him are going to cause our society irreparable harm. Let us hope that cooler heads prevail.

- Richard L. Powell, Grimes


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