July 26, 2009


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM-Chicago Tribune

Global warming defeated! Our puny vegetable gardens tell the story

It will be a massive achievement if President Barack Obama can shepherd a workable health-care plan through Congress.

If his efforts to save the world's economy really click and revive General Motors as well as my moribund retirement investments, his legacy is assured.

If peace holds in Iraq and if he can stabilize Afghanistan he will have worked miracles.

But we cannot overlook the one thing he has already accomplished for his hometown in the seven months since taking the oath of office. It is his crowning achievement. He has reversed global warming in Chicago!

While global temps in 2009 are slightly higher than in 2008 according to National Aeronautics and Space Administration records, reports that our highest temp thus far for July is 86 degrees and nothing higher is forecast for the rest of the month. According to historical records, July usually has seven days when the high is 90 or above, so we are well below the monthly average. Now, this is real clout in action.

Climatically and economically, this is great news. In my house we have yet to run our air conditioner, so, if we are typical, energy savings area-wide must be massive.

But reversal of global warming has its downside. It is wreaking hell on my marriage. My wife, you see, is a major gardener, and she is distraught over her vegetables and cranky over the weeds, which seem to love the cool weather.

We both look forward to eating nothing but homegrown veggies in August, but at this rate we will be lucky to pick any tomatoes by September. And it's looking like the eggplants will never grow past the size of eggs, the cucumbers will be suitable only for making gherkins and one wonders if the zucchini will remain thumb-sized. Did I mention that the weeds are out of control? Worse still, the vendors at our farmers market tell us that we are weeks away from the only reason to put up with life in Illinois, sweet corn.

Meanwhile, the media are brimming with stories of the success of the White House vegetable garden. Apparently, First Lady Michelle Obama has already had a harvest party for local kids.

Well we're jealous. We want our global warming back.

Yes we do! Yes we do!

Craig Goldwyn lives in Brookfield.

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