July 22, 2009


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM- Post Crescent

Letters: Global warming backers pursue personal agenda

The issue of global warming keeps coming back. Recently, the president apologized to the world for the United States not doing enough to abate the coming crisis.

I believe that global warming is a global hoax. A recent correspondent to The P-C noted a list of scientific and political names that support the idea that you and I are contributing to the demise of the planet by our profligate emission of carbon dioxide. To me, this is a list of shame, which ought to be posted everywhere.

These individuals and groups ought to be asked a couple of simple questions. The first question is, "Given that carbon dioxide is the primal cause of global warming, and given that for the last dozen years, CO2 levels have risen every year to record levels, why has the Earth cooled?"

The second question is, "Given that the polar icecaps are receding, why are the polar icecaps on Mars receding at about the same rate?"

The third question is, "Given that there are about the same number of climatic scientists on both sides of this issue, what are the political, financial or ecological advantages to you personally over this issue?"

It is my opinion that many, if not all, of the global warming proponents are using this issue to pursue a personal agenda. If exposed, they will mutter something about the issue being too important, for their reason, to let the facts get in their way.

I say, "Shame."

John E. Bittman,



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