July 19, 2009

Maybe she should have worn a blue dress


India Gives Cold Shoulder to U.S. on Climate Change Emission Caps
Clinton, on India Trip, Finds Cool Reception for Environmental Initiatives

Hillary Clinton has been received with feverish media attention here in India on her first visit to the country as secretary of state, but the warm welcome did not win her any of the concessions she sought from New Delhi on climate change, a perennial dispute between the two countries.

Her trip also appears to have been overshadowed by Indian skepticism over neighboring Pakistan's efforts to fight terror.

At a photo op to highlight green building technology that could reduce energy consumption, India's Environmental Minister Jairam Ramesh said his country would never agree to cap its carbon emissions. The United States wants such a move from the world's largest developing economies in order to curb global warming, but India and others argue it would stunt their economic growth.

"India's position, let me be clear, is that we are simply not in the position to take legally binding emissions targets," Ramesh said.


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