July 30, 2009

Interested Participants

Another of the countless distortions of reality in the global warming debate comes from this article in Politico. "Ad blitz targets lawmakers on climate change bill"

Are we to believe that the targeting of politicians for not voting for Waxman-Markey by Environmental Defense Fund is somehow not the campaigning of a special interest?

'Holden, Souder and Tiberi voted against the House version of climate change legislation that was narrowly approved earlier this summer, and the ads accuse them of caving to special interests.The $150,000 campaign includes radio, television, newspaper and online advertising. And the Environmental Defense Fund hopes to raise more money to expand the campaign to more congressional districts.'

If the congressmen were to change their vote or Senators vote differently due to the campaign by EDF, wouldn't that be caving to special interest too? Or are special interest only defined as those who appose your point of view? The hypocrisy of the environmental movement know no bounds.

article here


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