July 15, 2009

Global warming slick idea to get into pocketbooks

FROM-Bemidji Pioneer

It took me awhile but I finally figured out what Washington was referring to with hope and change. They want the taxpayers to hope we get change back after paying for the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill. A cap-and-trade tax makes as much sense as FDR’s AAA killing 6 million young pigs in 1933 before reaching full size when people were hungry.

We are about to add another money stream to Washington D.C. Let’s ponder for a moment the things that will increase in price with a cap-and-trade bill. There would be the obvious gas for our cars, heat for our homes, then the not-so-obvious, the cost of manufacturing almost everything made in the U.S. would go up and how about transporting the goods to market. What about the no increased taxes for the middle class? Washington must believe that the middle class does not use gas, heat or other goods.

News flash to our politicians, global warming was a slick idea to get into our pocket books. The deception of manmade global warming has some real problems, since many scientists simply do not believe global warming is manmade, oceans have not swallowed Florida and please tell your children and grandchildren that polar bears can swim for 60 miles without a rest. (The photo of the polar bear on the ice floe, the bear is probably hunting.)

If you really think Washington in their brilliance deserves another money stream to fight this imaginary problem do nothing. Be aware that once Washington D.C. gets a money stream they loathe to give it up. Your electric bill according to the Heritage Foundation article by Ben Lieberman would increase 90 percent by 2035 with the cap-and-trade bill. Also from the Lieberman article when the tax first goes into effect in 2012 an average family of four will have an increased tax of $436 from the cap-and-trade bill, this same family by 2020 the tax will be $1,870 and by 2035 the tax from just this bill will be $6,800. The average family of four is the middle class.

How does it feel to be taxed on an unproven theory? Unless you want Washington to get another revenue stream it is time to let your U.S. representative know your thoughts on hoping for some change.

Susan J. Anderson



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