June 29, 2009

Trooper Jim

FROM- Senatus

Inhofe Suggests Criminal Investigation of EPA for Burying Evidence Undermining Global Warming

Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) said today that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “deliberately withheld facts from a report on global warming in order to bolster the Obama administration’s climate change initiatives,” The Hill reports.

Inhofe said the EPA “absolutely” buried evidence undermining policy on global warming after a researcher’s report claimed that carbon dioxide has had little effect on the environment.“They’ve been cooking that science since 1998,” Inhofe said during an interview on Fox News.

He called for a criminal investigation.

Inhofe argued that there should be a criminal investigation into the EPA report,
as well.“I don’t know whether there would be or not,” he said. “There could
be, and there probably should be.”
As for the climate change bill passed by the House, it’s DOA in the Senate.

The Oklahoma Republican also said that the climate change legislation passed by a narrow vote in the House on Friday would be “dead on arrival” in the

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