June 9, 2009

Return of the Bulldog?

UK Climate Realist Party Pushes New Labour into Third Place in EU Elections

The mainstream party dominance (Conservative, New Labour and Liberal Democrats) in the UK looks increasingly threatened following the recent EU elections. The electorate seem to be getting fed up with political parties that do not fully represent their views and are looking for alternatives.

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) pushed the UK’s ruling New Labour Party into 3rd place in the EU elections. Interestingly UKIP have the most common sense and balanced view on climate change of any party:

The UK Independence Party believes that global warming is a recognisable phenomenon, but that there is insufficient proof that this is generated by carbon emissions. The over-reaction by other parties to global warming borders on the hysterical and risks damaging Britain’s economy and its people’s way of life. By inappropriate taxation, ill-judged Government intervention and misguided diversion of funding, ‘gesture environmentalism’ will harm Britain’s ability to respond effectively to environmental challenges both in the present and the future. (UKIP Programme on Climate and Energy)


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