June 19, 2009

Put up your dukes Jimmy, or better yet Daryl

Massey CEO Challenges Protester to Global Warming Debate

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- The head of Massey Energy is challenging a mountaintop removal coal mining opponent to a public debate to discuss the issues of global warming and the West Virginia economy.

Massey CEO Don Blankenship wants to debate with Dr. James Hansen, a NASA scientist, who is planning to protest outside a Massey owned mine next week in Raleigh County.

Hansen will be joined by film actress Daryl Hannah and former West Virginia Secretary of State and Congressman Ken Hechler Tuesday at Marsh Fork Elementary in Raleigh County. The publicity for this event Tuesday states that it will begin a year of activism to stop mountaintop removal mining.

“While I don’t recall anyone inviting out of state environmental protestors from San Francisco and a Hollywood actress to Massey’s property on June 23rd, I’m more than willing to invite Dr. Hansen to have a factual discussion about coal mining in West Virginia, which provides thousands of jobs in the state and provides low-cost energy to millions of Americans," Don Blankenship stated in a news release sent out Friday afternoon.

Blankenship stated he'd rather have a productive dialogue instead of "publicity arrests" next week during this protest.

Blankenship noted a protest at a mine earlier this week in Twilight in Boone County led to more than a dozen arrests and a diversion for state troopers.


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  1. Daryl Hannah?? Ashley Judd?? Any other brilliant Climatology Celebrities out there that Jimmy can recruit to his cause?
    These tidbits wouldn't be able to exist for a day without hair dryers and spa treatments.