June 27, 2009


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM-Charlotte Sun
'Global warming' is propaganda


Cap and trade is a tax increase. You have dressed it up in motherhood and apple pie green ideology, but it is a tax designed to force the economy to utilize higher-cost, less-productive means of supplying our needed energy.

If solar and ethanol are cost-effective, the market will automatically adopt them without coercion, just as it has hydro and nuclear. Massive subsidies is another way of saying tax increase.

Your last paragraph says, "our grandchildren will breathe cleaner air." Amazing. The exhaust cycle of their breathing (and ours) generates CO2, the very "pollutant" cap and trade is attacking.

The reason given for cap and trade is to prevent global warming. However, the statistical correlation of CO2 and temperature is virtually zero, while the correlation with solar activity is high. The so called "consensus" that we are experiencing global warming is propaganda and does not exist.

The climate is in fact cooling and has since approximately 1998. The sun is currently in a deep solar minimum like that last experienced 100 years ago and quite possibly since the start of the Little Ice Age in 1350. It appears likely this cooling will last at least for many decades and probably longer.

Instead of worrying about a nonexistent global warming problem, we need to be worrying about the economy we are leaving to our grandchildren. Additionally, even the proponents admit it is ineffective at curbing CO2. They are proposing an expensive cure for a non-existent problem.

David Taylor

Boca Grande


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