June 27, 2009


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Unprecedented and UnAmerican: “Climate Change” Bill passes house

Today it is far more fashionable and tolerable to say Jesus Christ never walked the earth or there is no God then to say Global Warming, or the newer modified version, Climate Change, doesn’t exist. America is now in uncharted waters as the Democrats have moved America further away from its historical roots and unmatched capitalist system. What is totally sad in the bill’s passing is, like socialism, it has been a total failure wherever it has been tried. Across Europe and even down to Australia, this nonsense has been scrapped. The economist in Spain blamed their own version of a climate change bill on their tragically high unemployment rate of 18 percent. The government reports that for every “green job” created equaled two losses in other private sector jobs. Energy prices have skyrocketed and businesses find it too expensive to produce. Therefore, they pass on the costs by cutting back production, which are driving prices higher, and laying off employees, which are driving unemployment numbers higher. Sounds like a recipe for contraction.

President Obama during the campaign speaking in San Francisco: “You know, when I was asked earlier about the issue of coal, uh, you know — under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

This blueprint for disaster is out there. And strangely experts here at home are saying the exact same thing will happen here as well because of the simple principles of capitalism and our market economy. Assuming, of course, those two mentioned remain. Hyperbole aside, I am seriously beginning to wonder how much longer that will be, however.

There are so many Democrats who have personal investments in startup “green” companies and technologies. That includes Nancy Pelosi. So, most of them feel eager to build castles in the sky and create a new dynamic green energy economy, which translates into large subsidies for their investments and a new national energy tax. Hey, you have to help close that massive deficit somehow, right? Besides, they never had much use for the older system of our economy. But, this isn’t solely a Democrat problem even though they did send a taxi to break Rep. Patrick Kennedy out of rehab so he could vote yes for the bill. Here is a list of Republicans who voted for the bill.

There is some good news to this. The bill still has to pass the Senate and both sides have voiced that is unlikely. entire article here

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