June 28, 2009

Or stupid is as stupid does

President Obama devoted his weekly address yesterday to the cap-and-tax bill that passed the House on Friday. In case you wanted to know what it's all about, Obama explains:

Make no mistake: this is a jobs bill. We're already seeing why this is true
in the clean energy investments we're making through the Recovery Act. In
California, 3000 people will be employed to build a new solar plant that will
create 1000 permanent jobs. In Michigan, investment in wind turbines and wind
technology is expected to create over 2,600 jobs. In Florida, three new solar
projects are expected to employ 1400 people.

The list goes on and on, but the point is this: this legislation will
finally make clean energy the profitable kind of energy. That will lead to the
creation of new businesses and entire new industries. And that will lead to
American jobs that pay well and cannot be outsourced. I have often talked about
the need to build a new foundation for economic growth so that we do not return
to the endless cycle of bubble and bust that led us to this recession. Clean
energy and the jobs it creates will be absolutely critical to this new

And here I thought this was a bill to save the planet. They not only figured out how to save the planet, but also how to create entire new industries too!

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