May 18, 2009

Skeptics From Around the Globe

Czech Republic

Miroslav Kutilek, Emeritus Professor of Soil Science and Soil Physics at Czech Technical University in Prague who specialized in paleoclimatology of soil, received the “Mendel's award in Biological Sciences” from the Academy of Sciences in Prague and is an Honorary Member International Union of Soil Science.

"The climate oscillations in Holocene were not caused by the change of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere and the warm periods were typical by higher temperature than the recent average. The rate of temperature rise was in several well documented instances higher than in the last two decades. Assumption on dominant role of greenhouse gases in recent global warming is therefore false. Catastrophic scenarios on the influence of global warming upon the further existence of homo sapiens are not scientifically based since the climate change contributed first to the hominization of ape and later on to the development of historical civilizations,”


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