May 1, 2009

Skeptics From Around the Globe


Lee C. Gerhard, PhD, Senior Scientist Emeritus, University of Kansas; former director and state geologist, Kansas Geological Survey

"Please don't argue that climate is changing at rates and intensities not ever seen before. That is just not true. Read the data already out there from the geologists and those who study past climate change.Tell me why otherwise competent scientists argue for their theory but fail to provide any support for their theory other than constant repetition of untrue statements and alarmist exaggerations."


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  1. I have been looking at your interesting site. While I realise that Lee Gerhard is a pretty respectable guy and his opinion is not meaningless, he doesn't have any special expertise for discussing this issue. Are there any real experts out there who take this view? It would certainly bolster our skeptical arguments to have an expert on board.