May 29, 2009


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Global warming myth has new counterpoints

The theory that man is causing global warming is now called Anthropogenic Global Warming, or AGW, and the media have brainwashed us that most world scientists support this view. This is not true.
A rising tide of global scientists have shown a correlation between sun-spot activities and rise in earth temperatures. They also demonstrate that the increases of greenhouse gases follow the rise in earth temperature; they do not cause it. Funding is cut off from scientists who do not support the U.N.-approved version of Anthropogenic Global Warming. No wonder so many scientists are aboard the U.N. train.

It becomes obvious to me that Anthropogenic Global Warming is being promoted by the New World Order to scare Americans into surrendering more of our Constitutional powers to the federal government and to cripple more of our economy. Let's not forget the Helsinki Accord of decades ago, wherein 16 world-class scientists asked the U.N. not to disseminate the AGW theory because of these same good reasons.

A new documentary by Martin Durkin titled "The Great Global Warming Swindle" proves that Al Gore's Anthropogenic Global Warming is a political theory, not the scientific one it pretends to be.

Let's tell our legislative leaders that we don't buy into scare tactics; we want proven scientific theories; not political ones advising the nation about global warming.

Robert Bruce Acheson


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  1. There has been a correlation between solar activity and global temperature but the correlation broke down in the mid 70's. At that point, earth's temperatures started steeply rising while solar activity showed no trend at all (if anything, the sun has been slightly cooling since the 50's). There have been many studies examining the link between sun and climate and they all find the sun cannot be causing global warming. Links to all these papers can be found at