May 21, 2009

"Notable Quotes"

"I have been studying weather and climate for over 50 years and have been making real-time seasonal hurricane forecasts for a quarter century. I and many of my colleagues with similar experience have been dismayed at the untrue and exaggerated media hype about impending catastrophic global warming that has been so prominently discussed since the hot summer of 1988. We decry this alarmism. We do not believe we are in climate crisis! There are many other more serious national and global problems that need to be confronted.

Implementation of the proposed international treaties restricting future greenhouse gas emissionsby as much as 20 percent (by 2020) and 80 percent (by 2050) of current emissions would lead to alarge slowdown in the world’s economic development and, at the same time, have little or no significant impact on the globe’s future temperature. Such policies should be rejected."


Dr William Gray Professor Emeritus Deparment of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University


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