May 17, 2009

An Environmentalist Dream Come True

Picture By LoriLongLeggs

For a moment let's assume that all the dire predictions about anthropogenic global warming are true.

That we are unable to curtail in any significant way our CO2 emissions (likely) and as a result temperatures increase out of control.

As a result of this sea levels rise a few feet and inundate large portions of low lying countries, coastal plains and some islands.

Now let's say that we have invested a great deal of the world's resources trying to curb emissions and have crippled economic growth in order to limit emissions, leaving ourselves unprepared to deal with the rising oceans and the countless projected threats to mankind.

What would the result be? Wouldn't that cause wide spread death for countless billions of mankind? Wouldn't that create a world with less parasitical humans sucking on the milk of Mother Earth?

Enriched with run away CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere spurring plant growth wouldn't the Earth return to a hotter more humid far less populated (humans) environment?

An ecosystem run wild with ever increasing hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods reeking havoc on the intruder human race but spurring on the glory of Gaea. The remaining, far less populous, human species now sustainable. Left with little hope of ever again advancing to lay waste to their mistreated home. A human species left only to huddle in their humble abodes, living only off the natural sustenance provided by OUR MOTHER who art our provider.

Ah the glory! Life where nature rules, where mankind is finally put in its rightful place, living as one with nature.


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