April 1, 2009

The Real Killer

I love this article from Science Daily. One scientist says that disease in the coming apocalypse will not be as bad as predicted. So another scientist has to take him to task for minimizing the danger, as if people are going to up and relocate based on what either of these folks predict.

But what is important to understand and which is right there in the story, for people who aren't yet off the deep end, is all the studies are based on computer models which are themselves based on computer models. Using a hypothesis to create a hypothesis in order to scare people in order to get funding for further hypothesis to further scare people and on and on it goes.

It is like the constant media blare of all the things we eat and do that are harmful for us or will cause cancer etc. Yet despite this year after year, decade after decade American life expectancy continues to go ever upwards. Poverty kills, this obsession with detruction of wealth and the driver of wealth-energy, is the evil and the killer, not CO2.

Ecologists Question Effects Of Climate Change On Infectious Diseases

Recent research has predicted that climate change may expand the scope of human infectious diseases. A new review, however, argues that climate change may have a negligible effect on pathogens or even reduce their ranges. The paper has sparked debate in the ecological community....

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