April 1, 2009

I'm no Arnold...but

I'm no Governor or even an actor, but it seems California needs some help. Besides being totally uh..broke, people are fleeing the state in droves and now it seems their entire world is about to come to an end. At least that is the impression I get after reading this story from KPBS News. So in the spirit service I have a couple of suggestions.

Climate Change Could Cost California Billions

UC San Diego researchers say unless the effects of climate change are reduced, California faces a dismal economic and environmental future. KPBS Environment Reporter Ed Joyce has more on what's predicted in the latest assessment from the Climate Action Team.The report analyzes several potential effects of climate change including higher temperatures and sea level rise.

Researchers say wildfire risk will increase and lack of water will contribute to the loss of agricultural land in the Central Valley. Dan Cayan is a climate scientist at UC San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography and part of the climate action team.He says studies now suggest that actual greenhouse gas emissions are exceeding 2006 projections. "The danger is that because greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere and they don't quickly wash out that we have to start changing policy in the near term rather than wait until these symptoms have set upon us," Cayan said. "Because then it's, it's essentially too late."......

First off just an idea here, how about looking at the thermometer instead of the Atmospheric CO2 content? It might relieve your anxiety level a bit.
Linda Adams is the state's Secretary for Environmental Protection....
OH sorry, now I see, never mind, I did not know your job depends on our anxiety.

....She says delaying action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions could come at a cost of billions of dollars to the state's economy.
"Taking immediate action on climate change is essential to slow the projected rate of global warming," Adams said. "We also need to make smarter decisions in order to anticipate and adapt to the changes."

She says the report will be used to help the state plan ways to manage the potential effects of climate change.

In San Diego, researchers say that climate change will likely bring more heat waves with higher temperatures starting in June and lasting through September.

Periods of extended drought are predicted to increase the frequency and severity of wildfires in San Diego County.
Well if this thing is going to be sooo expensive, you could always pick up a few billion dollars right off your coast.

California Rejects Oil Agreement between Industry and Greens

.....As a result of the commission’s decision, “California will forego advanced technologies that will continue to make oil drilling safer for the environment,” said Tanton. “The state will also miss out on millions, perhaps billions, of dollars in oil-royalty revenues.....

Of course you won't do that 'cause you are just sooooo cool and green and all.
Lt. Gov. John Garamendi (D) cast the deciding vote on the commission and, according to the Los Angeles Times, said allowing new production in state waters would suggest the state welcomes offshore drilling and would encourage oil companies to look into additional offshore oil production opportunities.

So if you are not going to make a few bucks off your own resources, just suck them from the rest of us, I have a final suggestion. Head up the coast a bit and find out how your left leaning brethren have solved this whole CO2 causes heat problem.

Portland, Oregon February and March temperatures coldest since 1955

So I did some searching through the weather records today. It has been very chilly, as we all know. Looks like the last time we didn’t make it above 61 degrees in either February or March was 1955! We are in historic territory again with a cold start to Spring.

So California, hang in there guys, there is HOPE if you CHANGE.

H/T Gore Lied and Heliogenic Climate Change

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