March 23, 2009


from Rhode Island News

Could global warming turn R.I. into the under-Ocean State?

..It is 8:16 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2100.

The highest naturally occurring tide of the year has come in, further emphasizing a distressing reality: the City by the Sea is now a city increasingly under the sea. Since the year 2009, sea levels have risen at least 3 feet. Even during regular tides, the ocean reaches in to claim more and more of the shore. Every coastal community in Rhode Island, not just Newport, has been affected.

Buildings have been lost, roads displaced, parks submerged. Wells have gone bad, polluted by encroaching salt water. Septic systems have failed. Beaches and valuable coastal wetlands have disappeared. Even moderate storms now cause unprecedented damage as waves and surges at least 3 feet higher than nine decades before pack an unprecedented punch.

This is no science-fiction scenario.

This is the most optimistic real-life projection that scientists today make for the year 2100 –– a year in which some people born in 2009 will still walk the earth. A less optimistic scenario calls for the sea to rise 19 feet from today. If that happens, fish would swim where this article was written, in downtown Providence.

While the ordinary citizen today may not lose sleep over these visions of tomorrow, officials are paying attention......

So the most optimistic projection is 3 feet sea level rise by 2100? Funny That is not what the IPCC said, I reckon it is all the new studies that have come out. Let us ponder here for a bit. If 2008 was the coldest year of the 21st century and 2009 is not supposed to be much different, why do new studies show more melting when the temps have gotten colder than those the original studies used to base less ice melting and therefore less sea level rise. So the further they are off on there temperature projections, the more ice is going to melt? Must be some of that there computer model cyber WAG stuff.

Then again maybe Lars (
post below) is planting a nuclear bomb down there? Call Jack Bauer!

"Stop it right there Lars!"

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