March 19, 2009

Skeptics From Around the Globe


Anthony Lupo PhD. Department Chair and Associate Professor Atmospheric Science University Missouri

"Now how good is a model? I am sure you hear everyone say, “The model says, the model says,” and I have even said that today. But the models are only as good as the programmers putting them to-gether. Models are a statement of hypothesis on how the atmosphere works, but they are not the real atmosphere. If I were to ask one of you to draw me a nice picture of a cat and I put it next to a real cat up here, the real thing is what it is; your drawing may be very nice, but it is not a real cat. The same is true with computer models and weather models. They may be close to the real thing, but they are not the real thing. A lot of times we have to tweak them in order for them to reproduce the observed cli-mate. So we have to be careful using them to say authoritatively that climate is going to do this or climate is going to do that."

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