March 14, 2009

Another perspective on Scientist in Copenhagen

Over at Air Vent they have another perspective on the scientist at the Copenhagen Conference and scientist in general

An Interesting Post on Prometheus

Roger Peilke Jr. has an interesting guest post on his blog, pointed out to me (thanks to) rephelan on my previous post. I’ve often made the point that climate scientists are being used and manipulated by the politicians. Often the obvious monetary rewards for supporting the political solutions to AGW have not just affected the science but have elevated the scientists to status of fame creating a public image for people like Hansen. This public image in turn blends their job description into politicians themselves. These polyscienticians are the most dangerous to humanity because peoples lives are at stake, not so much from global warming but rather from the huge tax burdens governments want to place on the very items which power our economies. These policies are the real tipping points beyond which there is no return. After all, I’ve never been asked to vote for world policy, how can we get rid of one that turns out to be bad?

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