December 30, 2013

A hundred years and a hundred miiles

The global warming theological society which call themselves scientist are always Johnny on the spot to remind us that one single event or one short period of time does not climate make, at least until it works in their favor. When some dramatic weather event such as Katrina or "superstorm" Sandy occurs or we have a particularly severe drought, or a particularly wet spring, it really does not matter the weather event, these events are said to be what we can "expect" as the result of climate change.

Of course this in a very real sense is true, climate changes which causes weather events. But what these theologians mean is all of these occurrences are the result of "man made" climate change.

This is what makes the ongoing saga of the Australian Antarctic Expedition of 2013 so delightfully ironic. This "expedition" comprised of eco-tourist, climate change scientist and environmental journalist whose publications were the primary benefactors of the expedition are, as everyone is now aware, stuck in sea ice miles away from the actual continent of Antarctica.

The purpose of the expedition was to retrace the Mawson expedition of 1912 and take duplicate "readings" of that expedition in order to show how much climate change has effected Antarctica in the last century. The alleged journalist joined the alleged scientist so that they might record and report on the destruction of Antarctica by man made climate change.

One suspects that what they hoped to record and report to an anxiety filled world were scenes and readings which showed Antarctica melting away due to global warming. Scenes not unlike those shown in the attached video at their intended landing spot. Unfortunately for our intrepid modern day explorers they are still stuck in 2-3 meter thick ice over a hundred miles short of the spot where Mawson and his true explorers landed a century earlier.

You will note in the video which was made from a film shot by the original Mawson expedition upon landing that much of the landscape is rocky, not snow and ice covered and their wood sailing ship is anchored off shore in the open waters.

This very film, if it were taken today as it was intended to be taken by the Australian Antarctic Expedition of 2013, with the onlooking penguins on a rocky shore would have been used as "proof" that Antarctica is melting away. The very fact that this film taken 101 years ago almost to the day by a primitive yet truly scientific expedition compared to the now ice trapped "expedition" should be proof positive that indeed the climate does change, just not always as these nincompoops would have the world believe.

Any thinking human being and they seem to be growing in shorter supply, would look these two expeditions and ask themselves how it is possible for a "scientific" community to make such outlandish claims about climate when the photographic evidence exists to disprove it. The Mawson film is a hundred years and a hundred miles ahead of its time.

It is undeniable that the "weather" at the time of the Mawson expedition was far milder than that of the "weather" at the time of the 2013 expedition. If the "weather" over a century ago was milder than today then is that not proof that any changes in the "weather" is probably not man caused but natural?

It is not just this example, the record is filled with examples of how this "fraud" perpetrated by dupes masquerading as scientists are misleading a trusting public in order to continue an agenda not based on science but mostly on ideology and profits. Every scare tactic propagated by these childish actors is eventually retracted yet the belief lives on. A belief in a world that at least in this case existed a century ago.

I suspect that history will label this time period as "The Age of Fools."

H/T Watts Up With That

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