December 23, 2010


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM-This is South Devon

Forget global warming, cooling is the problem

THREE winters ago I noted in the Herald letters pages that average temperatures had been dropping sharply and we were likely to be in for some severe winters.

As a result I substantially upgraded the insulation of our house — no fashionable bare floors now remain, they are covered in thick layers of underlay and carpet.

I commented at the time that officialdom had been completely sold on the notion of global warming even though the evidence was, as noted by myself and other correspondents, thin in the extreme.

The serious point about my earlier letters was to point out that we had only a Plan A to combat drastic warming, but none at all for Plan B — cooling.

This country has been cooling dramatically for five years (google 'Hadley CET to 1772' to see the temperatures).

This graph-maintained by the Met office unfortunately cuts off prior to a warming period very similar to today, culminating in the 1730s.

Hundreds of other places all around the world that have been cooling for decades as can be seen by googling for my article 'In search of cooling trends.'

Cool weather has lots of ramifications, whether it is to do with transport infrastructure or growing crops.

However, most serious of all is likely to revolve round heating costs. Successive Governments have been busily engaged in promoting highly expensive and inefficient green renewable at the expense of conventional power stations, many of which are due to close in the next few years in order to meet our absurd carbon emissions targets.

We need more conventional power stations built urgently to provide power at a reasonable cost.

Current projections are that green energy sources will add some 50 per cent to our already exorbitant fuel bills, always assuming they will work, as most wind turbines have not done over the last three weeks.

We also urgently need a Plan B as Plan A is looking increasingly threadbare.

This will necessitate the Government admitting that perhaps the evidence presented to them for warming has not been as robust as claimed. Will that happen? Don't hold your breath.



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